• Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God
  • We have a commitment to following the Bible’s principles and instructions
  • Through the Grace of God, the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, the debt has been paid so all people who choose to may be saved
  • As Christians there is a need to have regular fellowship with other believers and a relationship with God through prayer and studying the Word of God
  • The need to share the Christian faith should be taken at every opportunity.


Our priorities are: Christ our Lord, our families and our club.

Each member of the Ambassadors is expected to behave as a positive example to others of what it is to be a Christian.

At our weekly meetings there are Bible studies, a time of prayer and fellowship. Involvement by members families is also encouraged .

The reason for the existence of the Ambassadors CMC is to share the Gospel, both within Christian circles and to all who are in need of a Saviour.

Although the club’s main thrust is reaching out to members of Australia’s motorcycling community our activities also cover community outreach work through:

  • Invitation by various churches
  • Prison visits to motorcyclists in custody
  • Church services
  • Youth group visits
  • Static Displays incl. Life size Cross and smashed up bike wreck
  • Participating in Toy Runs and Other Charitable causes

The Ambassadors CMC has previously been involved in a Macquarie Fields Outreach. This was an outreach for the local community in one of the most economically depressed areas of Sydney. It was a chance to show the love of Jesus by providing activities and food for children and parents as well as sharing the Word of God.

The Ambassadors Christian Motorcycle Club is a non-denominational Christian motorcycle club formed in 1984 when a group of Christian men, having a love both for the Lord Jesus Christ and a passion for motorcycling. The original members had the desire to share the Word of God and their testimonies with others.

Over the years as this sharing occurred, the club also developed into a group which offers Christian support and fellowship for men who may not have been accepted in churches, due either to their backgrounds or the way they look. Ambassadors CMC aims to help them find a church that is accepting of them.

When the Club was first formed the concept behind it was for the members of the Ambassadors to do several ‘things. One was to take the message contained in the Bible to the members of the motorcycling community in a non- threatening manner. The second was for the Club members to provide assistance to Churches and Church groups as requested.

So as The Ambassadors move from the 20th to the 21st Century the mission remains the same.

  • To support the members of the Club and those from the Christian community who seek our assistance.
  • To take the word of the Lord to those whom will relate to it better from a biker and to lead them to a church which loves them as Jesus does – unconditionally!!!
  • To keep a Christian presence in the bike scene so as to show all that there is way to live right and be right with God in Jesus.